Lurbel presents a guidebook of socks for the Way of Santiago

As it is in constant contact with the skin of the foot, the sock is an essential element for the pilgrim. A wrong decision about this garment can determine, to a great extent, the pilgrimage, as you are going to face a tough challenge, during several days (or weeks) and under unexpected and changing weather conditions

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Juanjo López, known as El Peño, taught us a lesson of improvement in the Titan Desert race

The parathlete sponsored by Lurbel, leaves us again with our mouth open. El Peño has just arrived from the Titan Desert race and gives us a great lesson of sportsmanship and solidarity. This compensates the bitter taste of his disqualification because of two penalties: a breakdown on a wheel at the first stage of the race and a fever at the fourth stage. Despite everything, he participated in four of the five stages with his prosthesis, together with his colleague Enrique Castelló, and competed with other amateur runners and other professional athletes

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