The TriWhite Cup circuit By Lurbel starts in Benidorm

Thanks to this sponsorship, the Valencian company reinforces its presence in the triathlon discipline and offers a wide variety of first layer garments: compression garments, socks and other accessories developed and based on the needs and the high performance level of this sport discipline

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Bmax Gravity and Bmax Triumph, the best of Bmax and Compressive technologies

These are compression socks with a height of 12-18 cm above the sport shoe specifically designed for road running (Bmax Triumph) and trail running (Bmax Gravity). In 2014, Bmax Gravity was tested by Víctor Cerdà during the solidarity challenge of 30 stages with a total of 1.700 km of running and 90.000 m of positive elevation gain. He only used one pair of socks, and had no blisters at all.

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