Bea García, second position in The Last Desert (Antarctica), with Lurbel socks
news / 2014-11-24

Bea García, second position in The Last Desert (Antarctica), with Lurbel socks

Beatriz García (33 years old, Barcelona), second in the ultra-endurance race "The Last Desert, Antarctica", and the first woman with diabetes in the world who finishes the circuit 4 Deserts, has chosen Lurbel again to protect her feet: “the equipment used during the race "The Last Desert, Antarctica" was one of the most important things to keep in mind in order to compete effectively, because feet are the most important part. Having into account that I am very sensitive to cold, in this case I chose Bmax Liner as my first layer, and the model Antártida as my second layer, for every day, and it was a wise choice", assesses the Catalan athlete regarding the Lurbel sock models chosen for this icy challenge.

Protecting against cold and blisters

“I did not suffer any blistering or cold at all, in spite of the bad weather conditions. Many thanks to Lurbel!", confirms the athlete pleasantly surprised by the results.

The Catalan runner combined the first layer Bmax Liner and the comfort of Antártida. Bmax Liner is an extra thin sock which acts as second skin, with thermal properties, that keeps temperature and protects your feet against rubbing and blisters thanks to the Bmax technology. On the other hand, Antártida is an extra thick sock (knee high), made with merino wool and recommended for this type of races by Vicente Juan García, ambassador of Lurbel. He won this race in 2012 and gave advice to the Catalan athlete on the choice of the equipment.

The circuit 4 Deserts  

The 4 Deserts is a competition which includes four long distance races, of 250 km each one of them, across the deserts of Atacama, Gobi, Sahara and Antarctica.

After running this last race in the Antarctica, this athlete from Barcelona has become the first women with diabetes who has finished this hard schedule of long distance races. Thus, she has shown that this disease is not an obstacle to realise the dreams of those who suffer diabetes, although it requires a tight control. Therefore, she was carrying several medical devices in her rucksack: a glucometer, a fingerstick, insulin pens; but also energy bars and other products with low glycaemic load.

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