Meet us at the 2015 Ultra-Trail® show
news / 2015-08-06

Meet us at the 2015 Ultra-Trail® show

Lurbel is the Spanish brand of precision garments for trail running and other sports like running, trekking, cycling, ski... with its own production in Spain that allows us to control all the process, from the development to the packaging.

With our unique and patented fabrics, which we have developed together with universities and research institutes, we have been recognized as a high performance brand in markets like, Italy, France, Switzerland, Norway and UK, in the same line that we have in Spain with more than 700 customers.


In the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc® exhibition we all are going to be together with worldwide brands. It is the perfect opportunity for you to visit us and discover why we are LURBEL PRECISION GARMENTS and how proud we are of our premium hosiery line: Lurbel Bmax which has given us fantastic feedbacks from international top athletes and top specialized shops.

So, if you are planning to visit the reunion of top athletes and top brands in Chamonix, please don’t miss the opportunity to discover how we apply high technology in Lurbel sports garments.

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