Lurbel presents a guidebook of socks for the Way of Santiago
news / 2015-05-15

Lurbel presents a guidebook of socks for the Way of Santiago

Lurbel, the leading Spanish company in the hosiery and sports garments, has compiled in a practical guidebook all their proposals for the Way of Santiago, no matter if you do it walking, running or cycling. The name of the guidebook is “Take care of your feet in the Way of Santiago”, with eleven different models of socks, including the specific version for women of almost all of them.

The 90% of the models of socks that you can find in the guidebook have been developed with the Lurbel technology Bmax. Thanks to its composition and structure, this technology helps to fight the main causes of blisters, which result from overheating, moisture and friction

As it is in constant contact with the skin of the foot, the sock is an essential element for the pilgrim. A wrong decision about this garment can determine, to a great extent, the pilgrimage, as you are going to face a tough challenge, during several days (or weeks) and under unexpected and changing weather conditions. 

A sock for each pilgrim 

The great specialization of Lurbel in the sport hosiery sector of high performance has made possible this guidebook designed specifically for the pilgrim. It reflects the company’s commitment to provide a specific offer tailored to the needs of each sport discipline and under any possible weather condition.

This guidebook includes eleven different models (with specific models for women, with specific sizes and colours for them). All of them have been developed with the textile Lurbel technology Bmax. Moreover, you can also find socks to be used after each stage of the Way, as the compression and relax tights Recovery, and other socks with sandal toe, in order to wear this kind of footwear (a kind of Japanese sock called Tabi).

Anti-blisters technolog

Lurbel socks have been tested successfully in different ultra distance sport events and challenges all over the world (and under extreme cold and hot weather conditions). They have been even used by sportsmen and sportswomen with extremely sensitive skin, with diabetes or by parathletes. 

Lurbel has taken care to detail of the structure of each pair of its socks, the specific know-how of the Valencian company. The socks are designed for maximum adaptability, with seamless construction and cooling areas. All these features guarantee the success and the arriving to Santiago with your feet in the best possible conditions.

With Lurbel Bmax, #nomoreblisters in the Way of Santiago

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