Know the new concept Evo
news / 2015-04-28

Know the new concept Evo

The evolution and the ongoing improvements we apply to our products is the priority of Lurbel. There are two reasons why this is possible: firstly, thanks to the centralization and supervision of the manufacturing process in our own premises; secondly, thanks to the dynamism of our test team Beta, who check the quality and performance of Lurbel garments by using them in highly demanding competitions. 

According to these premises, this collection presents the new concept EVO, which will identify the garment with the word “EVO” together with the evolution number of the model in Roman numerals. The launching of these products will take place once the convenient test protocols are implemented and may not necessarily coincide with the starting of the season.

This identification will represent the structural evolution of an existing model with regard to the previous version. With this evolution we intend to make some improvements in order to enhance the functionality and performance, of the composition, structure and finish of the garment.

Spirit EVO I

The first model EVO will be the short tights Spirit Evo I, which will be presented next week. This garment represents the real essence of the brand and, thanks to the quality of its technologies, meets the demands of the public, who trust the company because of the high performance of their garments.

Improvements on Spirit EVO I

With regards to the structure, Spirit Evo I maintains the original iDT technology (with multi-filaments of charcoal bamboo). However, this model has now a higher density, making them more resistant. This is something that trail runners were demanding about the first version of Spirit.

Certain functionality features have been improved, such as the closure of the rear pocket. The pocket of the first version had a zipper but now it has a Velcro closure for reaching the content easier without reducing safety.

Another improvement is the addition of a reinforced waistband for a better fit. The flat drawcord is on the front area and makes them adjustable and comfortable, avoiding any movement.

All these improvements have been developed in collaboration with the R+D department of Lurbel, the advice of its coordinator, Dr. César Canales, and the members of the team Lurbel Beta, who tested these tights in tough competitions during 2014.

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