Bmax Gravity and Bmax Triumph, the best of Bmax and Compressive technologies
news / 2015-03-26

Bmax Gravity and Bmax Triumph, the best of Bmax and Compressive technologies

Lurbel presents two important hosiery novelties within the 2015/2016 collection. They are an internationally leading manufacturer of hosiery with a definite advantage in the market thanks to the testimonials and experiences of ultra distance runners. 

Similarities Gravity/Triumph

Both versions of socks, Triumph (road running) and Gravity (trail running), have been developed with the exclusive technology Bmax and the compression technology Fir Tech. This is the perfect duo which unifies the best of both in the composition, together with a specific structure for the road runner and another different structure for the trail runner. Both socks are available in a wide range of sizes and colours for men and women, with the same crew height H5 (12-18 cm above the sport shoe).

Why H5? 

1.- The new generation Bmax Compressive has been designed for those athletes who do not feel comfortable with the usual compression below the knee, because they have a thick calf muscle. This height of sock, a little bit shorter, avoids the problem to many athletes who develop the calf muscle because of intense and hard training.

2.- These socks protect a difficult area comprising a surface among 12-14 cm of the Achilles tendon. 

3.- These socks have an ergonomic compression area adapted to the orientation of the fibres of the Achilles tendon. 

The Dr. César Canales Hortelano, medical advisor of Lurbel, has coordinated the structural development of both socks.

In great detail

The more the better: the origin of Gravity is the structure of the foot of Bmax Desafío sock, the most sold product for two consecutive years. The trail running version of the new collection Bmax Compressive H5 has the ESP anatomy of the sole of the foot that gives the best skin care thanks to the Bmax composition. Moreover, this sock allows the runner to face the hardest trail challenges thanks to the strategic location of reinforcement of the ESP anatomy of the sole (ESP anatomy of the sole developed together with the Spanish Association of Sports Podiatry).

The micro-channels are arranged in a conical shape in the back part of the Gravity sock in order to distribute the pressure in the Achilles tendon and to avoid discomfort from pressure in a particular point.

For the unisex version, Gravity sock is made in different colours: red, fluor yellow and blue; for the femenine version, it is made in fuchsia and purple. 

The more the better: Triumph, the socks designed specifically for road running, are the minimalist version of the Bmax Compressive H5 Triumph. This collection has been developed with Bmax without ESP, in order to give total sensitivity to the runner at each step, and to take care of the skin at the same time. 

This model has a wide reflective area at the back, which completes the structure of this sock. Both versions are available in different colours: masculine version in black, royal blue and yellow; and feminine version in black and purple.

Bmax revolution arrived in 2012

The base of the innovation of models Gravity and Triumph goes back to 2012. The revolutionary technology Bmax (Biocomponent Medical Active Xtrem) which avoids blisters  was presented during the ISPO edition of that year. Since then, the tests and the market have boosted the hosiery segment of the company to be a point of reference and a guarantee of feet protection of the sportsmen's and sportswomen’s of every discipline. The reliable results of the performance of these socks have been confirmed by different athletes in the most incredible ultra distance challenges worldwide in hard and extreme environments. 

Their benefits have been tested in stage races across deserts of sand, such as Marathon des Sables or Tor des Geants, and in ice covered areas, such as The Last Desert, in the Antarctica. They have been also tested in different solidarity challenges of almost 2.000 kilometres, such as the Solidarity Route 2013 and 2014 of Víctor Cerdà, and by ultra distance runners with diabetes, such as Bea García. The adventure starts again with the new Triumph and Gravity, and both socks will give a lot to talk about. In fact, the beta version of Gravity was tested by Víctor Cerdà, a member of the Lurbel testing team, during 1.700 km in his Solidarity Route in favour of rare diseases in 2014. Which one will be the next adventure of the Bmax Compressive socks?



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