Ricardo Abad: “I continue fighting to beat the record of 100 Ironman in 2015”
news / 2015-06-09

Ricardo Abad: “I continue fighting to beat the record of 100 Ironman in 2015”

After completing 8 consecutive Ironman in 8 days (1.808 km) in Lanzarote, Ricardo Abad, sponsored by Lurbel, keeps fighting every day to achieve his main objective of 2015: to beat the record of 100 Ironman in one calendar year. 

The ultra long distance runner from Navarre is considered as a Spanish reference in the ultra distance races. When he is almost totally recovered from the 8 consecutive Ironman races, he reviews the hardest moments of the challenge: how he prepared himself and his opinion and comments about the Lurbel equipment that he used during the 1.808 km of this challenge, only suitable for a great athlete with a strong mind such as Riky.

How long have you been preparing physically this challenge?

I have been preparing the Ironman since the beginning of this year, and I focused on the project of the 100 Ironman.

How do you mentally prepare for these challenges?

The mental preparation takes more time; you are gradually acquiring it over the years and challenges, as you improve yourself. Firstly you have to have self-confidence and secondly you must trust in your possibilities.

What has been the hardest thing?

You fight every day with your body tired, I got little sleep and this affects you, and you feel exhausted.

What can you say about the sports equipment you use to achieve this objective?

It is a very important element of the challenge, to wear a good equipment and to feel comfortable with it.

Are you happy with the Lurbel equipment that you used?

Yes, a lot. 

We have seen you with the compression calf sleeves of Lurbel during the challenge, what do you think about the use of this kind of garments in a competition?

To be honest, the calf sleeves are ideal, the compression properties allow keeping muscles restrained, much more than before. The compression is very good, because your calf muscle is not numb.

What about the tights?

They are perfect (my favourite are Spirit Evo I and Safor in colour blue), I feel very comfortable with them. The same thing happens with the calf sleeves Ultra, they have very good compression properties, and the low part of the gluteus does not get numb, something that happened to me before.

You are a fan of Bmax socks and you have used them on more than one occasion, how have they performed in this occasion? In a wet environment, with the kilometres accumulated and other circumstances, what about your feet?

My feet were great with the socks, no blisters, and comfortable when impacting with the ground. These socks are made with very good material; they are in perfect conditions after many kilometres (laughing). 

Have you ever thought about giving up? When? In that moment, what did you motivate to continue?

I have had very bad moments, I remember the fourth day, I was very tired and I almost decided to not doing the fifth. But I thought that I had to try it, and little by little I was motivated, thinking in my little girl Ainhoa and the nice project of the newly created Foundation.

And now, how do you recover from a challenge of 1.808 km both physically and mentally?

To tell you the truth, I have recovered very fast, I still have some lack of sleep, but physically I am in a perfect moment.

Which is the next challenge of Ricardo Abad?

I will continue fighting every week to get this challenge so tough and demanding of trying to do 100 Ironman in 2015.

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